Lumatek Digital Ballast HPS, 750W 240V

Manufacturer: Lumatek

Original Retail Price: $189.99

  • Item#: LDBH174
When gardeners upgrade to a Lumatek Digital Ballast, they’ll see the benefits instantly! From their increased efficiency to their increased lumen output, digital ballasts truly are the next big leap in indoor gardening technology. Compared to traditional magnetic ballasts, Lumatek Digital Ballasts lose less power from outlet to lamp, provide light at a far more stable level, start up faster (full light in under one minute!), and reduce the noise a system generates by running silently. These low-weight ballasts are internally RF-shielded to minimize electrical interference, they produce far less heat than their traditional counterparts, and short circuits trigger a power cutoff as a safety measure. This 750W/240V Lumatek Digital Ballast powers HPS lamps. A 15' RF-shielded power cord is included with all ballasts. Lumateks feature a three-year full, two-year prorated warranty.

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