Lumatek Electronic Ballast, 1000W AC 120V/240V

Manufacturer: Lumatek
  • Item#: LDBDA110
The Lumatek Digital Ballast Dual Air Cooled offers increased efficiency and increased lumen output compared to traditional magnetic ballasts. Lumatek Digital Ballasts lose less power from outlet to lamp, provide light at a far more stable level, start up faster (full light in under one minute) and run silently, reducing the noise a system generates. These incredibly low-weight ballasts produce less heat and feature a short circuit that triggers a power cutoff as a safety measure. A dimmer knob adjusts the output level from as low as 50% all the way up to the Super Lumens setting of 110%. This ETL listed 1000W Dual Voltage unit allows growers to power with 120V or 240V with one ballast, features a staggered ignition and is also air-cooled. Each unit includes a 120V power cord. A 240V power cord (item BPC140) is available separately.

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