Hydroponic Questions & Answers

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If you have questions about hydroponic gardening, Howard M. Resh has the answers you've been looking for. An international hydroponic consultant, Resh has taken the most frequently asked questions about hydroponic systems and has provided useful suggestions and answers to even the most specific questions. In 198 pages, Resh addresses general topics about systems and nutrition and also covers problems that occur with individual crops. Topics covered include:

  • Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders
  • Essential Elements
  • Physiological Disorders
  • Irrigation
  • Herbs
  • Tomatoes and much more

    Paperback. Resh is an international consultant on hydroponics and author of the landmark work Hydroponic Food Production as well as Hydroponic Home Food Gardens and Hydroponic Tomatoes for the Home Gardener.

    Resh, Howard M. Hydroponics: Questions and Answers for Successful Growing. Santa Barbara: Woodbridge Press, 1998.
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