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CO2 EIectric Generator NG 1-4 Burner

Manufacturer: C.A.P.

Original Retail Price: $455.00

  • Item#: CDEGN601
Growers can supplement carbon dioxide (CO2) and maximize their crop’s growing potential in the garden or greenhouse via the natural gas GEN-1 electronic-ignition CO2 Generator from Custom Automated Products (C.A.P.). The Generator is safe and easy to use and comes standard with a tip-over shut down switch to turn off the main burners if the unit is tilted more than 35 degrees. This generator features two burners to produce approximately six cubic feet of carbon dioxide per hour. Growers can add up to two more burners (sold separately) to increase the unit’s capacity to a maximum of 13 cubic feet per hour. Conversion kits are also available to switch the natural gas unit over to liquid propane (and vice versa). Rust-resistant generators are manufactured in the USA and feature UL-listed components.

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